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Connecticut — State Partnership
Connecticut EMSC
Jan. 1, 1991 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC29430

Working to ensure that every ill and injured child, no matter where they live, attend school, or travel in Connecticut, receive appropriate emergency medical care.

Connecticut — Targeted Issue
Pediatric Emergency Care Coordination in EMS Agencies: Measuring the Influence, Magnifying the Improvement
Sept. 1, 2019 - Aug. 31, 2024
Grant Number: H3433245 (old #: H34MC33245)

Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators (PECCs) are believed to have a positive effect on pediatric prehospital care by ensuring training, education, and resources that establish standards and encourage guideline adherence in EMS agencies. However, many aspects of PECC training and evaluation, as well as the effects of PECCs on health outcomes …

Award amount: $1400000.00

District of Columbia — Targeted Issue
Reducing Errors in Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation Using a Checklist
Sept. 1, 2010 - Aug. 31, 2013
Grant Number: H34MC19351

Trauma is the leading cause of death and acquired disability in children. We will develop and evaluate a checklist aiming to reduce errors and improve team performance during trauma resuscitations. The checklist will be disseminated in a toolkit for implementation at other hospitals. The goals of this project are to …

Award amount: $898502.00

District of Columbia — Targeted Issue
Family Presence During Pediatric Trauma Team Activation: Measuring the Effects of a Multidisciplinary Approach to Patient-Family-Centered Care
Sept. 1, 2008 - Aug. 31, 2011
Grant Number: H34MC10578

Family presence during pediatric resuscitation, an approach to improving patient-centered quality domain, has not been adequately studied. The aim of this study is to examine the impact of family presence in the context of pediatric trauma to inform a national family presence policy tool. The goals of this project are …

Award amount: $750000.00

District of Columbia — Targeted Issue
Mental Health Services for Youth Who Present to Emergency Departments for Self-Destructive and Interpersonal Assault Injuries
Oct. 1, 1999 - Feb. 28, 2001
Grant Number: H34MC00025

Injury, violence, and drug abuse threaten American youth. Presentation to an emergency department for an injury or poisoning may be an opportunity for prevention. The goals of this project are to (1) develop, implement, and evaluate a service delivery model to identify needs of youth injury victims in the emergency …

Award amount: $299929.00

District of Columbia — Targeted Issue
Effective Communication and Cultural Competence in Emergency Care of the Adolescent: A Curriculum for EMS Providers
Oct. 1, 1994 - March 31, 1997
Grant Number: MCH-114003

Goal: improve EMS provider capabilities in communicating with and understanding adolescents. Objectives: (1) develop an adolescent health curriculum for EMS providers, focusing on interpersonal skills and cultural competence; (2) provide the adolescent emergency program to at least 144 providers through 6 course offereings.

Award amount: $300000.00

District of Columbia — Targeted Issue
Children with Special Health Care Needs: A Model Program to Improve Prehospital and Emergency Care
March 1, 2000 - Feb. 28, 2003
Grant Number: H34MC00075

Children with special health care needs are a growing population that frequently requires the services of the emergency medical care system. However, there is very little training of prehospital providers in the care of these children, and many community hospitals do not have the expertise and resources to comfortably care …

Award amount: $599703.00

District of Columbia — PECARN
Washington Boston Chicago Applied Research Node (WBCARN)
Sept. 1, 2001 - Dec. 31, 2019
Grant Number: U03MC00006

To improve the health of ill and injured children by contributing to generalizable knowledge gained through rigorous, high-quality multicenter research.

Award amount: $2400000.00

District of Columbia — State Partnership
DC EMS for Children State Partnership
Jan. 1, 1987 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC06715

Given the status of the District of Columbia (DC) as the nation’s capital, its increased visibility to Congress, and its role as a venue for important national and international events, it is especially important to ensure an Emergency Medical Services for Children’s presence within the DC EMS system. The District …

Delaware — State Partnership
Delaware EMSC State Partnership
Jan. 1, 1997 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC07872

The goals of Delaware EMSC are to ensure continuous improvement of EMSC in Delaware, and to integrate EMSC priorities into the state EMS System.

Florida — State Partnership
Florida EMSC Partnership Grant
Oct. 1, 1987 - March 31, 2023
Grant Number: H33MC06722

The purpose of the EMSC State Partnership Program is to expand and improve emergency medical services for children who need treatment for trauma or critical care. EMSC staff continue to work toward statewide integration of children’s issues into the EMS system through 1) uniform data collection for evaluating systems and …

Florida — State Partnership
EMSC State Partnership
April 1, 2023 - March 31, 2027
Grant Number: H33MC48998

The purpose of the Florida EMSC State Partnership Program is to expand and improve emergency medical services for children who need treatment for trauma or critical care. Specific objectives focus on increasing the percentage of Florida EDs and EMS agencies having a pediatric emergency care coordinator/champion), solidifying a mechanism to …

Federated States of Micronesia — State Partnership
FSM EMSC Partnership Grant
April 1, 2013 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC25687
Georgia — State Partnership
EMSC State Partnership - Georgia
Jan. 1, 1994 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC23294

A process for recognizing an ED's capability to manage medical and trauma emergencies in children does not exist in Georgia. For proper care initially and after an inter-facility transfer, a statewide system of recognition is needed. In addition to establishing this system, 50% Of EDs will obtain trauma recognition and …

Georgia — PECARN
The San Francisco/Oakland, Providence, Atlanta Research Collaborative (SPARC)
Sept. 1, 2023 - Aug. 1, 2027
Grant Number: U0349671

Objectives: 1) maintain a productive node and EMSA (EMS affiliate); 2) enroll high percentages of eligible participants; 3) meet or exceed PECARN quality control objectives (e.g. timely collection and submission of data, resolution of data queries, safety monitoring/reporting, etc.); 4) submit at least one PECARN concept per year, and one …

Award amount: $700000.00

Guam — State Partnership
Guam EMS for Children
April 1, 2000 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC06696

To ensure that all children and adolescents receive appropriate medical care in a health emergency-no matter where they live, travel, or attend school. Services provided under this program include pediatric emergency care training to emergency medical technicians and nurses and procurement of pediatric emergency equipment.

Hawaii — State Partnership
Hawaii EMS for Children
Jan. 1, 1987 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC31620 (pre-2018 H33MC26764)

The EMSC State Partnership Program is a statewide collaborative project under EMSC that provides funds to states to assist in improving the pediatric component of their EMS system. Its mission is to ensure effective pediatric emergency care according to best practice standards statewide through expanding and improving the state’s capacity.

Iowa — Targeted Issue
Beyond the Barriers Project: EQUIP
March 1, 2002 - May 31, 2005
Grant Number: H34MC00130

The overall goal of this proposal is to develop a quality improvement system of data collection, analysis, and feedback to promote effective resuscitation of pediatric cardiac arrest victims. The specific objectives are: (1) Develop a Quality Improvement Program for pediatric cardiac arrest for pre-hospital providers; (2) Develop reporting methods to …

Award amount: $585157.00

Iowa — State Partnership
Iowa EMSC State Partnership Program
Oct. 1, 1995 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC06723

Maintain continued compliance with the federal HRSA EMSC program performance measurers by assuring state rules and regulations remain in place for on-line and off-line medical direction, state categorization and verification process of trauma care facilities capable of taking care of pediatric patients, trauma system transfer guidelines and agreements, pediatric representation …

Idaho — Targeted Issue
Pediatric Medical Emergencies Interactive Videodisc Program
Oct. 1, 1991 - Sept. 30, 1994
Grant Number: MCJ-164002

In an effort to remedy the deficiency in access to quality pediatric continuing education, new approaches using interactive videodisc technology need to be implemented. Goal: reduce the mortality and morbidity experienced by children in life-threatening medical emergency situations through improved training of EMS personnel, with particular emphasis on those serving …

Idaho — State Partnership
Idaho EMS for Children State Partnership
Oct. 1, 1997 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC06687

Ensure that all pre-hospital EMS agencies are submitting NEMSIS compliant data. Make sure that all EMS agencies in Idaho have a designated Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator and have a process for practicing pediatric skills. Recognize all hospitals in Idaho that are able to stabilize and manage pediatric medical and traumatic …

Illinois — Targeted Issue
Pediatric Facility Recognition/Categorization: Models of Best Practice, Implementation and Evaluation
Sept. 1, 2010 - Aug. 31, 2013
Grant Number: H34MC19352

EMSC Performance Measure (PM) 74 has only been successfully implemented in a few states. No process, outcome, or effectiveness measures exist. Development of consensus-based tools and measures will facilitate efforts of states on this PM. The goal of this project is to conduct a comparative analysis of facility recognition/categorization criteria, …

Award amount: $900000.00

Illinois — Targeted Issue
Pediatric Quality Improvement Modules: Head Trauma, Seizures, and Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Sept. 1, 2007 - Aug. 31, 2010
Grant Number: H34MC08516

The major goal of National EMSC is to improve outcomes in ill and injured children. EMSC grantees have developed a number of initiatives addressing pediatric emergency care and childhood injury prevention. However, CQI and benchmarking models have not achieved broad application within EMSC. The goal of this project is to …

Award amount: $600000.00

Illinois — Targeted Issue
Adoption and Appraisal of Illinois EMSC Standards
Oct. 1, 1997 - Sept. 30, 1999
Grant Number: MCH174003 (H15MC00062)

Goals (1) select specific Illinois EMSC standards and evaluate compliance with those standards; (2) define compliance to the EMSC standard that all seriously injured children are treated in a State-approved trauma center; (3) define compliance to the EMSC pediatric prehospital protocols; and (4) augment the compliance to EMSC standards.

Award amount: $343834.00

Illinois — Targeted Issue
Injury Prevention Resources for Medical Care Providers
Oct. 1, 1999 - Sept. 30, 2001

Injury is the leading cause of mortality in children over the age of one year. The goals of this project are to (1) produce a CD ROM training program that will provide healthcare professionals with the necessary information, resources, and tools in order to better grasp the magnitude of the …

Award amount: $289528.00

Illinois — Targeted Issue
School Health Emergency Assessment
Oct. 1, 1999 - Feb. 28, 2001
Grant Number: H34MC00022

The goals of this project are to (1) develop and implement a School Health Emergency Program (SHEAP) that focuses on educating school staff most likely to initially assess the ill or injured child, in the absence of a school nurse; and (2) improve access to appropriate medical care for children …

Award amount: $287776.00

Illinois — Targeted Issue
Program Against Violent Events (PAVE)
Oct. 1, 1994 - Sept. 30, 1996
Grant Number: MCH-174002

Goals: (1) develop and evaluate effective intervention models that contribute to reducing both the incidence and the lethality of violence; (2) develop a peer role model intervention; and (3) train EMSC personnel to be violence prevention educators.

Illinois — Targeted Issue
Quality Improvement in Emergency Medical Services for Children
March 1, 2001 - Feb. 29, 2004
Grant Number: H34MC00096

Goal 1: Enhance statewide emergency department/EMS pediatric CQI capabilities. Objectives: (1) ensure that each of the eleven EMS regions have a formalized CQI subcommittee of their EMS Regional Advisory Board; (2) facilitate conduction of one CQI activity in each EMS region annually; (3) develop an EMSC quality improvement educational model. …

Award amount: $586436.00

Illinois — Targeted Issue
Development and Validation of Simulator-based PEM Curricula for Emergency Care Providers
March 1, 2005 - Feb. 29, 2008
Grant Number: H34MC04373

Use of human patient simulators (HPS) offers a possible solution to this problem. Simulators can replicate acute illness with remarkable fidelity. Their use allows groups of learners to experience a consistent curriculum of acute pediatric care that would be difficult to replicate in real-world experience. Our project goals are to: …

Award amount: $584482.00

Illinois — Targeted Issue
Web-based Quality Improvement and Self Study Educational Program for Pediatric Emergency Care Providers
March 1, 2004 - Feb. 28, 2007
Grant Number: H34MC02545

EMSC grantees have developed a number of initiatives addressing emergency care and childhood injury prevention. However, quality improvement and benchmarking models have not been widely applied in EMSC. The goal of this project is to develop a web-based quality improvement and self-study educational program targeted to pediatric emergency care providers. …

Award amount: $598777.00