Improving pediatric emergency care for nearly 40 years

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Since 1984, the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Program has worked to improve outcomes for acutely ill and injured children and reduce rates of serious injury, illness, or death. Through research, practice, and partnership, we strive to ensure that — no matter where a child lives — the health systems in their area provide high-quality, equitable emergency care. We work to improve pediatric emergency care across the continuum, from prehospital-based care to hospital-based care and beyond.

The EMSC Program includes:

  • The EMSC Innovation & Improvement Center
  • The EMSC Data Center
  • The Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network
  • State Partnership Programs
  • Targeted Issues Grants

The EMSC Program also supports cross-cutting initiatives like the National Pediatric Readiness Project and the National Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Project and works closely with the Pediatric Pandemic Network, which is part of HRSA's EMSC Branch.

EMSC Publications and Reports

EMSC overview
EMSC Program overview
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2023 EMSC Liaison Report
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EMSC historical timeline
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Pediatric readiness outcomes fact sheet
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Tracking Progress Over Time: EMSC National Performance Measures

EMSC National Performance Measures were first rolled out in 2006. The measures were developed in accordance with the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), a results-oriented approach that requires federal agencies to establish key indicators that guide decisions and monitor program success.

Codifying Quality Care: EMSC in State Regulation and Policy

EMSC's performance measures include developing regulations and policy at the state level to help ensure high-quality emergency care for children. The first state law related to the EMSC Program was passed in 1991 by Illinois. Since then, numerous EMSC-related state laws have helped codify high-quality pediatric emergency care at the state level.

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