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Our Grantee Database provides grant information specific to each state and territory. From the database you can identify the estimated EMSC funding by program, and locate resources created by State Partnership, SPROC, Target Issues, and PECARN grants.

EMSC-Related Abstracts:

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Performance Measure Results and State Regulations/Policies

Performance Measures

NEDARC staff prepared a national report for the EMS for Children Program showing the results of pediatric emergency care coordination (EMSC 02) and skills-checking on pediatric equipment (EMSC 03). The report is based on responses provided by EMS agency administrators during the 2020 data collection process.

State Regulations & Policy

Click here to view how states have influenced change to include EMSC priorities in regulation or policy.

Creating Knowledge

Taking Action

Quality Improvement

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The EIIC works to accelerate improvement in care quality and outcomes for children in need of emergent care with training, support, and quality improvement tools.

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NEDARC helps state and U.S. territory EMS offices develop capabilities to collect, analyze, and utilize EMS data.

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The EMSC Program is funded by the U.S. HHS HRSA and is administered by the the Maternal and Child Health(MCH) Bureau.