Focus Areas

Our domains are broad focus areas within the EMSC Continuum of Care. Each domain concentrates on a set of priority issues and develops resources and tools to enhance pediatric care in that area.

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    Disaster Planning

    The EIIC Disaster Domain seeks to support EMSC grantees and stakeholders to better prepare for disasters in a way that takes the specific needs of children into consideration. It offers a variety of resources and tools to facilitate disaster preparedness activities by healthcare providers, public health departments, schools, and family and caregivers.

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    Hospital Based Care

    The EIIC Hospital Based Care Domain has identified four opportunities to improve the delivery of pediatric care in emergency departments.

    • quality improvement plans integrating the needs of children were missing in 55% of responding facilities,
    • children are not being weighed in kilograms in 37% of responding participant EDs putting children at risk for medication errors,
    • 53% of responding EDs lack disaster plans that include children; and
    • pediatric emergency care coordinators are missing frequently:
      • physician coordinators are reported in only 47% of responding EDs and
      • nurse coordinators present in 59% of responding EDs.
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    National Pediatric Readiness Project

    The National Pediatric Readiness Project is a multi-phase quality improvement initiative to ensure that all U.S. emergency departments have the essential guidelines and resources to provide effective emergency care to children.

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    Prehospital Based Care

    The Prehospital Based Care Domain has identified many issues of national priority within the EMS community that while not age specific are very relevant to children of varying ages. Some of these issues include injury prevention, community paramedicine and human trafficking.

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    Focusing on pediatric emergency care, the EIIC Research Domain seeks to create knowledge and accelerate its journey to implementation. We support EMSC grantees through technical assistance, education, and quality improvement collaboratives.

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    The Trauma Domain seeks to support EMSC grantees and stakeholders in providing resources to optimize pediatric trauma care. This is accomplished by identifying and disseminating best practice evidence based pediatric trauma care guidelines while encouraging the development of needed essential guidelines for the care of all injured children.