Research Researchers

Focusing on pediatric emergency care, the EIIC Research Domain seeks to create knowledge and accelerate its journey to implementation. We support EMSC grantees through technical assistance, education, and quality improvement collaboratives.

The research domain works closely with the University of Utah Data Coordinating Center (DCC) to create knowledge and accelerate its implementation through data management and analytics, education on the science of quality improvement and support of multi-institutional research studies through PECARN. The domain also collaborates with HRSA to ensure the success of individual EMSC grantees through site visits, virtual support, and multi-channeled dissemination of grant products.

Useful Toolkits

  • Translational Research Toolkit

    Translational research allows for new evidence-based scientific findings to be disseminated to the public, health care workers, and others for implementation and utilization.This toolkit includes resources such as funding sources and example practices

  • Informed Consent Toolkit

    Full informed consent of research participants is the basis of strong, well-planned studies. This toolkit provides resources for obtaining informed consent in an emergency setting.

Domain Leads: Rachel Stanley MD MHSA & Corrie Chumpitazi MD MS

For questions about the Research Domain please contact:

April Parish,

April Parish,