Translational Research Toolkit (2014)

Research Researchers

Providing the best care for our children and our communities means ensuring that the most up-to-date scientific research findings are translated directly into clinical healthcare as practiced on a daily basis.

The goal of translational research is to “transform scientific discoveries arising from laboratory, clinical, or population studies into clinical applications to reduce [disease] incidence, morbidity, and mortality.” (National Cancer Institute, Translational Research Working Group). In other words, translational research allows for new evidence-based scientific findings to be disseminated to the public, health care workers, and others for implementation and utilization.

Translational research covers a full continuum from basic science discovery, to the formation of stakeholder partnerships, to budgetary considerations, and dissemination to healthcare providers and the community at large. In the final stage, research findings and information are widely adopted by the public, patients, and clinical practitioners.