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What is a pediatric emergency care coordinator (PECC)?

Sometimes called a “pediatric champion,” this individual(s) is responsible for ensuring EMS agencies and emergency departments (EDs) follow national recommendations for pediatric emergency care. Responsibilities include familiarizing colleagues with pediatric-specific policies and protocols, promoting pediatric quality improvement efforts, and managing pediatric equipment and supplies.

Why is the PECC role important?

PECCs are a proven strategy for improving emergency care for children. Having a PECC in the ED is tied to double-digit increases in pediatric readiness scores (which are measured on a scale of 0-100). Since significant survival benefits exist at 88 points or above, a PECC is one of the strongest drivers of improved pediatric outcomes. While prehospital research is ongoing, it is expected that PECCs in EMS agencies have a similar impact.

Having a PECC is recommended by:

What does the PECC role look like?

PECC roles can vary by setting, patient volume, and resources.

  • In EDs, both a physician and nurse PECC are recommended. In EMS agencies, only one PECC is recommended, ideally an individual at the highest credential level available.
  • In settings with limited resources, a single PECC may serve multiple systems or responsibilities of the PECC may be shared by multiple individuals.
  • PECCs should have protected time, a specific job description, and recognition and support from their administration.
  • The individual(s) do not need to be solely dedicated to the PECC role. The role can be part of existing duties.
  • The individual(s) do not necessarily need pediatric-specific expertise or background.

How do I establish a PECC in my EMS agency or ED?

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Foundational Resource:

Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Project Toolkit resources (including PECC job descriptions)

Additional Resources:

EMSC PECC Research Projects:

Learn about three ongoing EMSC research projects in Connecticut, Louisiana, and North Carolina that are identifying strategies to establish, sustain, and maximize the PECC role in EMS agencies.

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Foundational Resources:

National Pediatric Readiness Project Toolkit resources (including job descriptions for nurse and physician PECCs)

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