EMSC funds and supports improvements in pediatric emergency care in every state and territory through competitive demonstration grants or cooperative agreements to state governments and accredited schools of medicine.

The main programs in EMSC are:

  • State Partnership (SP) grants that ensure that pediatric emergency care is integrated into the larger emergency medical services system.
  • Targeted Issues (TI) grants that support innovative cross-cutting pediatric emergency care projects of national significance.
  • State Partnership Regionalization of Care (SPROC) grants that develop systems of care models to improve pediatric emergency care capacity in rural and tribal communities.
  • The Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN) which supports the infrastructure to conduct meaningful and rigorous multi-institutional studies in the management of acute illness and injury in children across the continuum of emergency medicine.

EMSC Grants Database

All current and historical EMSC grants are searchable in our database.

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