Pediatric Education and Advocacy Kits (PEAKs) are collections of best practice educational resources designed to empower providers across the disciplines, as well as families, advocates, and other stakeholders, to deliver the highest quality of care and support to children in emergency settings

What’s included in a PEAK

PEAKs include a variety of resource types and formats, from bottom-line recommendations and learning modules to podcasts and webinars. PEAK resources are organized by audience type (clinicians; nurses; prehospital practitioners; and patients and families) to help users easily find what they need. All resources included in PEAKs are free and open access.

How PEAKs are developed

PEAK content is synthesized, created, and disseminated by EIIC’s Knowledge Management Domain. Each PEAK goes through a comprehensive vetting process, which includes the Knowledge management Early Access Program (KEAP). Join KEAP by registering here.

Many resources reflect close collaboration between EIIC and like-minded organizations, including Translation Emergency Knowledge for Kids and EIIC’s collaborative partners. Learn more about our process.

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