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The Disaster Response Collaborative (DRC) continues the work of the Disaster Networking Collaborative (DNC), and both are initiatives of the Pediatric Pandemic Network (PPN). These initiatives support ongoing efforts to form a network of children’s hospitals that are (individually and collectively) prepared to respond to disasters and pandemics. The goal of the DRC is to improve pediatric disaster response capability and capacity among children’s hospitals.

Strategic response efforts in caring for children during emergencies, disasters, and pandemics are necessary. Children under 18 years of age comprise about a quarter of the population; however, they represent more than 50% of the population in some places. Children’s hospital disaster response plans can be more robust in addressing pediatric priorities.

Beginning in September 2024 and continuing through June 2026, this collaborative focuses on four priority areas: evacuation, reunification, surge, and triage/infection control/decontamination. The DRC will support children’s hospitals to improve in a selected priority area so the facility and staff can provide quality care for all children when and where it is needed during an emergency, disaster, or pandemic. The DRC will provide guidance and resources to enable participants to implement improvements and to use tabletop exercises and drills (and provided tools) to monitor and track improvements in disaster response.

Through education, networking, sharing of evidence-based practices, and exchanging new ideas and strategies, the DRC will also support the workforce resiliency of employees at children’s hospitals by improving their knowledge, skills, and job satisfaction.

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