Trauma Care

Clinicians Prehospital Trauma

Traumatic injuries continue to be a major cause of mortality and morbidity in children. The EMSC Program’s goal to reduce pediatric mortality and morbidity from illness and trauma provides the EIIC opportunities to support and influence quality of care rendered and improve outcomes of injured children.

The EIIC trauma domain seeks to support EMSC grantees and stakeholders in providing resources to optimize pediatric trauma care. This is accomplished by identifying and disseminating best practice evidence based pediatric trauma care guidelines while encouraging the development of needed essential guidelines for the care of all injured children. In conjunction with the EIIC measurement domain and identified subject matter experts from national trauma organizations, critical measures, for which data is available, will be identified to lead the development of new evidence based pediatric trauma care guideline(s). For metrics important to trauma care but for which no or minimal data is available, research will be encouraged to support a process for securing data to plan for future development of needed guidelines. As work advances on pediatric trauma metric review and guideline(s) development, information will be provided on this site.

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