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Missouri — Targeted Issue
Pediatric Rapid Sequence Intubation Training CD-ROM
March 1, 2000 - Feb. 28, 2002
Grant Number: H34MC00076

The goals of this project are to (1) contribute to the EMS for Children Five-Year Plan Objectives; (2) improve and expand pediatric emergency training programs for health professionals by developing an interactive CD-ROM educational resource which will consolidate and expand knowledge and improve performance and comfort for Pediatric RSI and …

Award amount: $298736.00

Missouri — Targeted Issue
Methodology for Evaluation and Reduction of Pain and Distress in Pediatric Emergencies
Oct. 1, 1993 - Sept. 30, 1996
Grant Number: MCH-294002

Goals: (1) reduce the physical and emotional impact of emergencies on the child, the family, and the health environment; (2) develop a methodology to assess interventions designed to improve outcome; and (3) test the assessment tool in a prospective trial so as to validate the methodology

Missouri — Targeted Issue
Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) Fellows Conference: Creating a Future in EMSC
March 1, 2004 - Feb. 28, 2007
Grant Number: H34MC02546

The primary goal of this project are to train pediatric emergency medicine (PEM) fellows in areas of identified need that will give them the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to further their careers and foster leadership, scholarship, and partner ship in EMSC.

Award amount: $583596.00

Missouri — Targeted Issue
Psychological First Aid for Violent Injuries to Children
Oct. 1, 1994 - Sept. 30, 1997
Grant Number: MCH-294004

Goal: Enhance the community's ability to respond to the growing incidence of violence and its impact on the children who view the violence. Objectives: (1) establish a community referral network among organizations and systems that respond to and treat children affected by violence; (2) train and implement multidisciplinary pediatric CISM …

Award amount: $900000.00

Missouri — State Partnership
Missouri EMS for Children State Partnership
Oct. 1, 1999 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC31623

The overall mission of the Missouri Emergency Medical Services for Children (MOEMSC) Program is to reduce the prevalence of pediatric morbidity and mortality that may occur as a result of acute illness and severe injury.

Northern Mariana Islands — State Partnership
CNMI EMSC Partnership
Oct. 1, 1995 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC06695
Mississippi — State Partnership
Mississippi EMSC State Partnership Grant
Jan. 1, 1997 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC06731

The Mississippi EMSC program is designed to provide education and health resource information to pre-hospital providers, pediatric care givers, and the community. The overall goal is to enhance the pediatric emergency care system throughout the state of Mississippi by providing education opportunities and programs that will ensure that our children …

Montana — Targeted Issue
Montana Establishing an EMS Continuum of Excellence
Oct. 1, 1997 - Sept. 30, 1999
Grant Number: H34MC00002

The goals of this project are to (1) establish an EMS Continuum of Excellence and a commitment to quality as the underlying philosophy for the strategic planning, operation, management, and improvement of all components of Montana's emergency medical services (EMS) system, including the provision of emergency medical care to pediatric …

Award amount: $200000.00

Montana — SPROC
Child Ready Montana
June 1, 2012 - May 31, 2021
Grant Number: H3AMC24074

2012-2016: The SPROC grant implemented the Montana Inclusive Model of Pediatric Emergent Care, with plans to: (1) develop a replicable, regionalized system of healthcare to optimize the sharing of resources; (2) facilitate the management and treatment of acutely ill and severely injured children through the use of telemedicine; (3) implement …

Award amount: $1000000.00

Montana — State Partnership
Montana EMSC State Partnership Program
Jan. 1, 1995 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC06692

The mission of the EMSC Program is to reduce child and youth mortality and morbidity caused by severe illness or trauma. EMS for Children aims to ensure that: - state of the art emergency medical care is available for the ill and injured child or adolescent; - pediatric service is …

North Carolina — Targeted Issue
EMS and Pediatric Trauma: A North Carolina Population-based Performance Improvement Intervention and Evaluation Using Multiple-linked Healthcare Databases
Sept. 1, 2010 - Aug. 31, 2013
Grant Number: H34MC19348

Pediatric trauma care requires a coordinated system of care. Pediatric specialty care is not available to adequately care for all trauma locally so there is frequent interfacility EMS transport to a higher level of care. Serious injury is rare so EMS has difficulty maintaining skills and knowledge. The goals of …

Award amount: $900000.00

North Carolina — Targeted Issue
Evaluation of a Pediatric Emergency Care Facility Recognition Program (PECFR) on Care of Injured Children
Sept. 1, 2010 - Aug. 31, 2013
Grant Number: H34MC19350

Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability for children beyond the age of one. The majority of the care of injured children occurs outside of pediatric trauma centers or pediatric hospital emergency departments. The EMSC Program advocates the categorization of emergency departments according to their capabilities to care …

Award amount: $896426.00

North Carolina — Targeted Issue
Evaluation of the Emergency Severity Index for Pediatric Triage
March 1, 2005 - Feb. 29, 2008
Grant Number: H34MCO4371

It is vital to quickly and accurately identify the sickest children who present to the emergency department and are in need of immediate intervention. Validated clinical triage guidelines are needed to differentiate these high acuity children from less sick children who can wait for limited resources. The goals of this …

Award amount: $600000.00

North Carolina — Targeted Issue
Pediatric Performance Measures: Improving EMS Care for Time-Critical Illness and Injury
Sept. 1, 2016 - Aug. 31, 2019
Grant Number: H34MC30234

Our proposal will explore the intersection of EMS care, benchmarking, personalized messaging, education, and novel communication platforms to drive performance change in the field. Change has yet to be made in our community, despite this wealth of knowledge. If we can successfully implement a low-cost method of driving real change …

Award amount: $823917.00

North Carolina — State Partnership
North Carolina EMSC State Partnership Program
Oct. 1, 1997 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC06732

The Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Program works to decrease child morbidity and mortality due to severe illness or injury. It does this by working to improve the emergency medical care system as it pertains to children's needs across the continuum of emergency care - including prevention, pre-hospital care, …

North Carolina — Targeted Issue
System Readiness Improvements through the EMS Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators Program
Sept. 1, 2019 - Aug. 31, 2024
Grant Number: H3430234

The purpose of the proposed project is to implement an integrative system of personnel, resources, and online tools targeting individual EMS systems in order to improve prehospital care for pediatric patients. Numerous studies have demonstrated that innovations in medical care guidelines can take up to two decades to be put …

Award amount: $1394742.00

North Dakota — State Partnership
North Dakota EMSC State Partnership Program
Jan. 1, 1996 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC06698

Goals and Objectives: 1. Improve North Dakota EMS operational capacity to provide pediatric emergency care. 2. Improve North Dakota hospitals’ operational capacity to provide pediatric emergency care. 3. Improve the degree of establishing permanence of EMSC in North Dakota’s Emergency Medical System. 4. Improve overall quality of health outcomes of …

Nebraska — State Partnership
Nebraska EMSC State Partnership
Aug. 1, 1996 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC07876

GOALS/OBJECTIVES: Maintain continued compliance with the federal HRSA EMSC program performance measures by assuring state rules and regulations remain in place for submission of NEMSIS compliant data, hospital recognition for pediatric trauma, and integrating EMSC priorities into Statutes or Regulations. Nebraska will work to recognize hospital’s program managers and establish …

New Hampshire — Targeted Issue
What Constitutes "Appropriate" Use of EMSC in Managed Care?
Oct. 1, 1996 - Sept. 30, 1998
Grant Number: MCH334004

What Constitutes "Appropriate" Use of EMSC in Managed Care?

Award amount: $287115.00

New Hampshire — Targeted Issue
NH EMSC TI for Children with Special Healthcare Needs (CSHCN)
Oct. 1, 1996 - Sept. 30, 1998
Grant Number: H34MC000150200

Goals: (1) implement the pediatric section of the statewide trauma plan and create a pediatric trauma care system in New Hampshire; (2) identify and designate all acute care facilities in the state by level of pediatric care according to the trauma plan; (3) develop a coordinated system of interfacility transfer …

Award amount: $157000.00

New Hampshire — Targeted Issue
Innovating and Improving Prehospital Pediatric Care in Rural New Hampshire and Vermont: The Center for Rural Emergency Services and Trauma (CREST) Network for EMS Providers
Sept. 1, 2013 - Aug. 31, 2016
Grant Number: H34MC26202

Emergency medical service (EMS) providers face many challenges in the delivery of pediatric prehospital care. Moreover, the infrequency of pediatric prehospital encounters makes it difficult for EMS providers to maintain the necessary knowledge and skills to care for pediatric patients. These challenges are exacerbated by a shortage of educational opportunities …

Award amount: $890325.00

New Hampshire — State Partnership
New Hampshire EMSC State Partnership
Jan. 1, 1992 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC32395

The mission of the New Hampshire Emergency Medical Services for Children Program (NH EMSC) is to improve pediatric emergency care throughout New Hampshire. For over two decades the NH EMSC program has collaborated with families, EMS and Fire departments, hospitals, the Bureau of EMS and community organizations throughout New Hampshire. …

New Jersey — State Partnership
New Jersey EMSC State Partnership Grant
Jan. 1, 1992 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC06718

To improve the health and safety of the pediatric population through fiscally responsible and sustainable programs offered throughout the State. Objective: 1. Develop a standardized inter-facility transfer agreement. 2. Improve the regulatory requirements for on and off-line pediatric medical direction. 3. Identify missing pediatric equipment and ensure this equipment is …

New Mexico — Targeted Issue
The School Nurse and EMS Online Training Project in New Mexico
March 1, 2004 - Feb. 28, 2007
Grant Number: H34MC02542

Emergencies in schools are common. These emergencies involve students, staff, and school visitors, and be either medical or traumatic. School nurses are key personnel in the treatment of such emergencies. School nurses must be trained in emergency care and EMS. The overall goal of this project is to develop, disseminate, …

Award amount: $600000.00

New Mexico — Targeted Issue
EMS Personnel as Community Injury Prevention Advocates
Oct. 1, 1994 - March 31, 1997
Grant Number: MCH-354002

Goals: (1) reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with childhood injury in New Mexico by establishing and developing the state's capacity for coordinated planning, implementation, and evaluation of injury prevention projects by prehospital providers in both rural and urban areas; (2) link EMS personnel with existing community coalitions, primary care …

Award amount: $119857.00

New Mexico — SPROC
A Child Ready System of Regionalized Pediatric Emergency Care
June 1, 2012 - May 31, 2021
Grant Number: H3AMC24075

2012-2016: Focusing on children and families in tribal and rural areas of New Mexico, the project team planned: (1) establish a partnership between the University of New Mexico (UNM) Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and the UNM Center for Native American Health to develop and disseminate a Child Ready system …

Award amount: $1100000.00

New Mexico — State Partnership
New Mexico EMSC State Partnership Program
Jan. 1, 1997 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC07873

New Mexico is focusing on implementing “Pediatric Champions” (Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators) at our EMS agencies, hospitals, and communities to help advocate for the needs of the injured or ill children through emergency services in the continuum of care and to improve pediatric outcomes. As part of our existing practices, …

Nevada — State Partnership
Nevada EMSC State Partnership Project
Oct. 1, 1991 - Present
Grant Number: H33MC06694

Goals and Objectives: To improve the delivery and quality of pediatric emergency care through the institutionalization and implementation of EMSC Program priorities and EMSC Performance Measures (PMs). The objectives to achieve this goal are to: 1. Provide pediatric equipment and training to EMS agencies and hospitals; 2. Develop a standardized …

New York — Targeted Issue
National EMS Child Protection Education Project
March 1, 2002 - Feb. 29, 2004
Grant Number: H34MC00077

The goals of this project are to (1) assess EMS providers' knowledge of possible signs and symptoms of child abuse or neglect; (2) assess their self-efficacy and attitudes towards recognition and reporting; (3) assess their knowledge of proper documentation and reporting; (4) assess their knowledge of child abuse and neglect …

Award amount: $450061.00

New York — Targeted Issue
Teaching Resource for Instructors in Prehospital Pediatrics for EMTs (TRIPP BLS) {aka NYC EMSC - Pediatric Teaching Resource}
Oct. 1, 1994 - Sept. 30, 1997
Grant Number: MCJ-364004

The known problems of training prehospital personnel to care for children have been outlined in the Institute of Medicine report. Many of these problems are addressed in the new Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMT-B): National Standard Curriculum. However, the leaders in emergency medical services (EMS) education recognize that EMS instructors …

Award amount: $530000.00