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This section includes PECC-related news releases, recruitment materials, toolkits, and webpages developed by state EMSC State Partnership (SP) grant programs.

News Releases

Armando Suarez Del Real seeks to accomplish sky-high goal as a PECC (Wisconsin)

Recruitment Material


Establish a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) for your agency today! (flyer)


What is a PECC? (program goals & job description)

Welcome to PECC (the PECC starter kit)


PECC Flyer


EMS Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) Designation Form


PECC Role Description Guide


Pediatric Champion or Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC)


PECC Pledge


What is a PECC?

PECC Program

PECC Models

PECC Roles


Prehospital PECC Fact Sheet

West Virginia

Letter to Agencies

PECC Committee Presentation

PECC Process


PECC Commitment and Memorandum of Understanding

Equipment Grant Application



EMSC PECC Resource Binder (Rhode Island)

PECC Resources (Iowa)

PECC Toolbox (Wisconsin)

Welcome to the Team! (Kansas - guidance and resources to help PECCs navigate their roll)

Training Resources

EMS Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator Training (Rhode Island)

Montana's OneDrive of Resources (from Jason Mahoney)

Sample PECC Training Agenda (Pondera County EMS, Montana)


Alaska: EMSC Webpage
Includes section for PECCs and a Toolkit

Colorado: COPECC

Florida: PEDReady
Hosts Florida PEDReady and EMS information, to include free resources and educational opportunities

Kansas: Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators

Kentucky: EMS Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators

Michigan: Pediatric Champions
Includes sections for both hospital and prehospital PECCs

New Hampshire: PECCs

New York: Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator

North Carolina: PECC+
This website is a resource created out of the NC Targeted Issues grant

Ohio: Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator

Oregon: EMSC Webpage
Includes dropdown sections for both hospital & prehospital PECCs

Pennsylvania: PA PECC
Full website dedicated to Pennsylvania PECC resources & opportunities

South Dakota: Prehospital | Hospital

Tennessee: Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator

Wisconsin: PECC Toolbox

EMSC Program

EMSC State Partnership Program Performance Measures:


National EMS Quality Alliance (NEMSQA) EMS Compass Measures
Includes three pediatric-specific measures.

Recognition Programs developed by EMSC State Partnership Grants. These programs recognize EMS agencies for being pediatric prepared.

This information has moved to the State Partnership Prehospital Performance Measures section.