Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator Community of Practice (PECC CoP)

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This community of practice is open to all individuals with the shared goal of improving prehospital care through PECCs

  • Individuals who were involved in the PECC learning collaborative AND/OR
  • Individuals interested in implementing/currently implementing PECCs

The goals of this community of practice are to

  1. Learn from and with each other through quarterly online one hour meetings and ongoing interactions (email/phone/online)
  2. Share best practices, experiences, stories, tools, and ways of addressing recurring problems in implementing PECCs

Our First Webinar

Three state team leaders (PA, NM, WI) share their experiences with PECC implementation as well as challenges and lessons learned. Three frontline PECCs from each of these states share their stories and current roles as PECCs.

After the webinar COP participants will be able to:

  1. Summarize the experiences of three states participating in the PECCLC (at level of state and PECC)
  2. Discuss strategies to address challenges in implementing/sustaining PECCs
  3. Identify resources, best practices to support implementing/sustaining PECCs

Access the slides.