Hospital Based Care

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Download poster here.

Provider Check List V8 (1)

Download checklist here.

Guidance on best practices at both Connecticut Children's and Yale New Haven Children's Hospital

Clinical Practice Tip Sheets for caring for your littlest patients.


Download .pdf here.


Download .pdf here.

Pediatric Vital Sign Pearls_V9_Final

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Information on our Pain Control and Analgesia QI Project.

We are excited to announce that this program has launched! CTEMSC is working with Middlesex Health, Bridgeport Hospital PEM, Yale New Haven Children's Hospital, and Connecticut Children's.

This project is to promote proper usage with dosing guidelines, educational tools, etc.

Toolkit to Improve Anxiolysis and Analgesia Use in Your ED

Intro/How to Guide

  • Click here – This file walks you through the rationale behind this QI project and how to get started in your ED

Tried and True Interventions

  • Brief educational PowerPoint on IN Versed for ED staff
    • Click here – This file is an excellent resource for RN and MD education about IN Versed use
  • A-A Guide Poster
    • Click here – This file can be made into a poster or be included in a pediatric binder or made into a badge card for easy reference to suggested procedural protocols
  • Example “Case of the Month” template to spread word of great cases with your staff – Word file called IN Versed Case…
    • Click here – Sharing success stories with your staff helps spread the word of how your interventions are improving pediatric care!
  • Yale Children’s Hospital Intranasal Medication Protocol
  • Connecticut Children’s Hospital’s PIV Care Algorithm
  • Trek’s Fact Sheet on Managing Pediatric Procedural Pain
  • Comfort Cart Contents
    • Click here – A stocking checklist for easy-to-use comfort measures for children while in the ED
  • A-A ID Card or Magnet
    • Click here – This file can be made into a magnet to be posted throughout your ED to remind staff of the suggested procedural protocols

Publications of our Experience with Middlesex Hospital System

  • Poster presented at the 2022 Annual Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting in Denver, CO
  • Manuscript coming soon!

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Please reach out to us if you would like to take part in this project at

ARC is a Northeast collaborative program created to recognize emergency departments committed to improving pediatric care.


Coming to you in 2022!

Want to improve your ED's level of pediatric readiness?

Please explore this link to access tools and resources.

With your help, in 2021 CT achieved a 100% response rate to this survey!!!

Click here for access to behavioral health resources.

In partnership with the New England Regional EMS for Children Group, please see the behavioral health resources here.

Please contact Megan Petrucelli, CTEMSC Program Coordinator with any questions.