What is a PECC?



The New England Regional EMSC website now has a new resource to help support your role as a PECC. The EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center hosted an introductory course for Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators in 2021 that was announced last year. (Link to original course: https://emscimprovement.center/collaboratives/pwdc/).

  • Sessions provide an overview of different components of what a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator can do in either an ED or pre-hospital setting.
  • You can watch just the specific sessions you are most interested in or watch the sessions in order.
  • Sessions cover topics such as:
    • Strategies to improve patient safety, a worksheet to help assess patient safety and identify opportunities for improvement in your ED
    • How to create and implement effective policies and procedures
    • Strategies to obtain pediatric supplies including how to collaborate with other organizations to lessen burden/cost, maintaining up to date supplies
    • How to develop a pediatric competency program to ensure pediatric skill maintenance for your to staff to managing critically ill children
    • How to advocate for your PECC position for more support from leadership for pediatric readiness and the PECC role.

You can go directly to the new resource here:


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Are you Pediatric Ready? Find out what it means to be a PECC!

What is a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator - ED

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