What is a PECC?


PECCs ensure the pediatric perspective is integrated into EMS agencies and emergency departments (EDs) by ensuring staff are familiar with pediatric policies and protocols, promoting quality improvement programs that ensure children receive the best care possible, and ensuring pediatric equipment is stocked.

Learn what being a PECC really means!

Please head here to complete the onboarding PECC modules.

The New England Regional EMSC website now has a new resource to help support your role as a PECC. The EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center hosted an introductory course for Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators in 2021 that was announced last year. (Link to original course: https://emscimprovement.center/collaboratives/pwdc/).

  • Sessions provide an overview of different components of what a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator can do in either an ED or pre-hospital setting.
  • You can watch just the specific sessions you are most interested in or watch the sessions in order.
  • Sessions cover topics such as:
    • Strategies to improve patient safety, a worksheet to help assess patient safety and identify opportunities for improvement in your ED
    • How to create and implement effective policies and procedures
    • Strategies to obtain pediatric supplies including how to collaborate with other organizations to lessen burden/cost, maintaining up to date supplies
    • How to develop a pediatric competency program to ensure pediatric skill maintenance for your to staff to managing critically ill children
    • How to advocate for your PECC position for more support from leadership for pediatric readiness and the PECC role.

You can go directly to the new resource here:


Have questions? Email Megan Petrucelli

To register for a course, please go here and Search by Course Coordinator: "Petrucelli" to see current open courses.

Please note: All of EMS-C's PEPP Course Offerings are in the Hybrid Model and require online pre-coursework modules to be completed.

  • Monday, March 27th, 2023, 18:00-22:00 Rocky Hill Volunteer Ambulance
  • Wednesday, May 10th, 2023, 19:00-23:00 Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance

Are you Pediatric Ready? Find out what it means to be a PECC!

What is a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator - ED

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What is a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator - EMS

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