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Issue #77 | Nov. 30, 2022

EMS agencies
Key takeaways from survey of 8,000+ EMS agencies
Suicide QIC
Children’s Mental Health Crisis: Join EMSC’s Next QI Collaborative
G7 Full Logo no background
Welcoming the Newest Pediatric Disaster Center of Excellence
Disaster QI
Community-based Clinics: Join a Disaster Preparedness QI Initiative
PPN Scholars collage
Introducing the 2022 Pediatric Pandemic Network Scholars
PECARN: Low Risk of Bacterial Meningitis in Young Febrile Infants
Mullins Head Shot
Patient and Family Perspectives: Sara Mullins, FF, EMT

Resources Round-Up:

Featured resource: In honor of November as National Epilepsy Awareness month, be sure to check out the Pediatric Education and Advocacy Kit (PEAK): Status Epilepticus, featuring an interactive learning module for prehospital practitioners. Since 2021, over 5,500 prehospital practitioners have completed the interactive module. More than 75% of learners report the lesson to be high quality and better than most online EMS courses they have taken.

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Five Stories Worth Reading

  1. It’s not just RSV that’s filling pediatric hospital beds,– CNN, Nov. 3 (by Moira Szilagyi, MD, PhD, FAAP, president of the AAP)
  2. Respiratory infection surge sounds a wake-up call for pediatric emergency care – Stat, Nov. 3 (by Marc Auerbach, MD, MSci, a member of EIIC's leadership team)
  3. How to Manage Acute Agitation in Children – ACEP Now, Nov. 9 (by Ashley Foster, MD; Joyce Li, MD, MPH; and Jennifer Hoffmann, MD, on behalf of the EIIC)
  4. 'I've Never Seen Anything Like This' in the Pediatric ED— Greater awareness and support can help reduce the strain I've Never Seen Anything Like This' in the Pediatric ED, - Medpage Today, Nov. 10 (by Sage Myers, MD, MSCE, an EMSC Program grantee)
  5. Study finds ‘huge’ increase in children going to the emergency room with suicidal thoughts – CNN, Nov. 14

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