ED STOP Suicide QI Collaborative

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To address the ongoing state of emergency in children’s mental health (specifically acute suicidality), the EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center launched the Emergency Department (ED) Screening and Treatment Options for Pediatric (STOP) Suicide Quality Improvement (QI) Collaborative in February 2023. Participants included over 350 diverse ED professionals, of those 48 being PECCs, across 90 hospitals spanning 31 states. With the goal of improving clinical care processes in EDs for children and adolescents presenting with acute suicidality.

As a result of participation in the collaborative 87.5% of participants (n=80) reported that their team's involvement in the collaborative led to positive changes in their ED.

Discover the impactful narratives of past participants:

  • “Given me the tools to develop structured process changes and the confidence to lead changes for my department”
  • “Appreciation of an organized effort to create a change”
  • “Improved distribution of mental health resources”
  • “An increased understanding of the process for patient's and families, and a overall lessened anxiety about the unknown”

Although the collaborative has concluded, its resources can help guide future endeavors in quality improvement.