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The EIIC is focused on improving outcomes for children in emergency situations by using improvement science as the basis for our efforts to address known gaps in the US healthcare system.

Our aim is to accelerate improvements in the quality of care and outcomes for children in need of emergency care through the development of quality improvement (QI) initiatives across the continuum of pediatric care:

Accelerating improvements in pediatric healthcare requires greater efficiency of all functions within the US health care system. Infrastructures that maintain the nation’s assets for supporting emergency medical services for children must be transformed from mere coordination and dissemination centers to active cores for QI. More than simple collaborative relationships, this structure requires integrated daily functioning of key stakeholder organizations and their quality improvement champions.

We use improvement science as the basis for our collaborative efforts to improve outcomes for children in emergency situations. Our collaboratives are networks designed for shared learning, driven by an evidence base and known gaps to facilitate rapid translation of research into clinical practice. We support these collaboratives through varied learning systems, coaching, project management, information technology infrastructure, data management, and analytics.

Become a QI Expert


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School offers online courses, tools and community to help you and your team build core skills in improvement, safety and leadership. The IHI Open School covers much of the QI methodology used by the EIIC.

Completion of the 13 fundamental courses leads to a Certificate in Quality and Safety, a great way to promote and professionalize your QI initiatives.

Quality Improvement in Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC)

The purpose of this paper is to describe for EMSC grantees and stakeholders how quality improvement (QI) is an effective method for testing and spreading the delivery of optimal, effective pediatric emergency medicine. This paper gives a brief overview of the QI approach, explores QI measures and the potential approaches to measurement in emergency care, discusses how EMSC actively applies QI to advance its mission, highlights successful examples of QI as applied to improving pediatric emergency care, and discusses opportunities for EMSC stakeholders to actively engage in existing and future QI efforts.

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