2024 Pulse Newsletters

June Pulse

The PPRP Assessment continues, new study highlights low cost of pediatric readiness, spotlight on EMSC Guam program, and more!

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May Pulse

EMSC Day highlights, pediatric readiness video, PECARN cervical spine study, and more.

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April Pulse

PPRP Assessment launches, PECARN research, EMSC Day webinar, and more.


March Pulse

PPRP assessment, PECCs in EMS, pediatric surge work and more.

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February Pulse

Research on diagnosing pneumonia in febrile infants, mental health resources, and more.

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January Pulse

Resources on child abuse, improving pediatric survival at trauma centers, and more.

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About the Pulse

The EMSC Pulse newsletter is a digest of news and activities across the Emergency Medical Services for Children program. Each issue also includes information about the broader pediatric emergency care community.

EMSC Pulse is published about every four weeks by the EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center.

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What to look for

The EMSC Pulse newsletter includes information about pediatric emergency-related:

  • National and state activities
  • Quality improvement initiatives
  • Data findings and research updates
  • Educational resources and events
  • Funding opportunities
  • And more!