Patient and Family Perspectives

  • Published November 30, 2022
Mullins Head Shot

Featuring members of EMSC’s Family Advisory Network (FAN).

Name: Sara Mullins, FF, EMT

State: Colorado

Why did you become a FAN? “As both an EMS provider and a special needs parent, I learned first-hand the incredible challenges these patients face in both the healthcare and education systems. When I heard about the FAN program, I saw it as a chance to use my life experiences to help other families out there and hopefully leave the world a little better than I found it.”

What is the most important thing for emergency practitioners to know about caring for children in emergencies? “When treating children, once they are physically stable, take a little extra time to consider their minds, too, and limit the trauma of such an uncertain experience. No matter how young they are, they are watching and learning. Sometimes the best care doesn't always come only from a medication box, but also your words and actions to treat the whole child. Any kindness, understanding or comfort you can give them will go a long way towards supporting them in the fight they have ahead. If you are not comfortable with children, don't be afraid to ask for someone who is to accompany you while caring for them. It's not a weakness to ask for extra help, but a strength to care about a child so much to do so.”