Monday: Education Day


May 20, 2019

Education Day seeks to highlight educational programs that serve the public as well as the importance of individual EMS provider continuing education. EMS agency pediatric emergency care coordinators (PECCs) can play a pivotal role in educating the public about ways they can prevent illness or injury in children.

In recognition of Education Day, here are some ways to help the community and EMS personnel learn to care for children in an emergency:

  • Host an EMS open house and offer public education presentations and training on the unique needs of children in the prehospital setting.
  • Speak to local groups to share why EMS is a valuable part of your community and educate them about local resources for pediatric emergency care.
  • Host a pediatric training course such as PALS, PEPP, or Pediatric Trauma Life Support for Prehospital Providers.

Educational Resources

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KS Pediatric Scenario Guidebook

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CDC Heads Up

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Pediatric Prehospital Education Toolkit

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