The Michigan Bureau of EMS, Trauma and Preparedness in partnership with Region V for Kids is conducted a pediatric medical operations coordination cell (PMOCC) exercise. PMOCC is a new model for emergency management of pediatric disasters and surge incidents and is based on the new ASPR TRACIE Medical Operations Coordination Cells Toolkit. The June demonstration introduced and demonstrated a PMOCC for pediatric preparedness and response planners of Region V for Kids and was designed for the following audiences to attend, observe, and comment on the activation process and evaluate cell operations.

  • State emergency planners
  • Pediatric officials
  • EMSC coordinators, and
  • Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) leaders
  • Region V for Kids Pediatric Center of Excellence children’s hospital preparedness, disaster surge and response representatives
  • Stakeholders with interest in regional or multi-state pediatric disaster and surge care coordination

Understanding how PMOCCs could fulfill the role of coordinated response management in times of pediatric disasters and surge incidents, ultimately reduces the overwhelming impact they can have on local and regional resources.