2022 Refining Pediatric Telehealth Capability: A Demonstration to Leverage the Use of Technology During Disaster Response

The Region V for Kids Great Lakes Pediatric Consortium for Disaster Response invites you to participate in a virtual telehealth demonstration to perform and evaluate pediatric disaster telehealth activities. Region V for Kids children's hospitals will perform a series of functional activities related to pediatric disaster and surge.

Exercise Topics Include:

  • Trauma triage and evacuation prioritization
  • Enroute consultation during air evacuation
  • Coaching parents through an emergency procedure
  • Pediatric Tele-Psychiatry
  • Multi-state coordination of Behavioral Health care
  • Use of augmented reality headset during viral surge triage

Who is invited to participate

  • Emergency Department Physicians
  • State Department of Health Preparedness Planners
  • Emergency Preparedness Personnel
  • Telehealth Program Managers
  • Telehealth Network and Systems Engineers
  • Pediatric Behavioral Health Providers

Registration for Refining Pediatric Telehealth Capability

Registration deadline July 11, 2022

Pediatric Telehealth Capability Registration

For questions or more information: Contact the Exercise Planning Team at RefiningCapabilities@umich.edu