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Research Priorities for Pediatric Emergency Care to Address Disparities by Race, Ethnicity, and Language - Jama Network Open, Nov. 2023

PECARN Disparities Working Data Elements - Understanding and addressing health care disparities relies on the collection and reporting of accurate data, both in clinical care and in research. This data dictionary was developed by the PECARN Disparities Working Group to be used as a reference manual when planning the collection of data in pediatric emergency medicine research.

The data elements are grouped into three categories: Core elements are reasonable to collect on all research participants for all prospective or retrospective studies. Suggested data elements facilitate examination of disparities but may require active collection or may not be available in most electronic health records. Possible/Potential data elements require prospective collection, but may be valuable for specific types of analysis.

For further information contact Melissa Laws, BSN, CCRC EMSC Data Center Director at Melissa.laws@hsc.utah.edu


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