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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Considerations in Research

In this video, Dr. Brown provides participants with some best practices for conducting research with equity, diversity, and inclusion principles in mind. She guides attendees through designing a research question, creating a landscape assessment, the consequences of health equity tourism, ways to increase research participant diversity, and ways to review research results with an equity lens.

Addressing Racism as a Public Health Crisis

Tiffani J. Johnson, MD, MSc, FAAP

Dr. Johnson defines the levels of racism, describes the impact of racism on the health and wellness of children, and call for viewers to move beyond contemplation towards action to dismantle racism through clinical practice, advocacy, and research

At the Intersection of Equity, Science and Social Justice: An Inflection Point for Organized Medicine

Joseph L. Wright, MD, MPH

Dr. Wright explores the responsibility of pediatric emergency medicine physicians to address equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives.

Seeing Emergency Medicine Through One Eye

Elyse N. Portillo, MD, MPH

We all have struggles in life but Dr. Elyse Portillo's story makes us take pause on the things we may see as obstacles in her talk.