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As a national organization that supports evolving healthcare systems, the mission of the EIIC is to transform care processes and improve outcomes for ill or injured children across the emergency care continuum. The EIIC recognizes that such efforts hinge on the relentless pursuit of equity in the delivery of emergency care and health outcomes of all children. This mission is accomplished through the integration of voices from various backgrounds, perspectives, and settings including those of patients and families, clinicians, pre-hospital personnel, administrators, advocates, and others. To do so, we define our core goals as follows:  

  • Equity: that all children will receive compassionate care as well as optimal and equitable outcomes through the receipt of the highest levels of care in emergency situations. 
  • Diversity: that the emergency care continuum reflects and is responsive to the varied identities and needs of children and families, considering, among others*, differences in race, ethnicity, culture, language, gender, gender-identity role and expression, geography, socio-economic status, preferences, and ability.
  • Inclusion: that as an organization, the EIIC values, embraces, and seeks out the unique contributions and perspectives of its stakeholders, staff, trainees, patients and families, and partners in all aspects of project and product planning, creation, and implementation. 

We recognize that there is a wide spectrum of social determinants of health that (within the current body of literature) have proven associations with child health outcomes after emergencies. We anticipate that the dimensions of diversity and strategies for inclusion will continue to expand and evolve as new learning emerges. 

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