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General Overview

A total of 16 Teams are participating in the Pediatric Readiness Quality Collaborative. Our mission is to improve the capabilities and quality of care provided to pediatric patients across the nation, as assessed by the National Pediatric Readiness Project Assessment. Using a train-the-trainer model, participants are supported through targeted quality improvement education, the provision of tools and resources to support local efforts, and sharing of best practices with guidance from subject matter experts (SMEs) in this field.

The PRQC Administrative Team along with our SMEs and trainers provides QI training covering the following topics: strategies to identify gaps in care/needs assessments; creating SMART aims; developing key driver diagrams; integrating QI tools (e.g., process maps, SWOT analyses, fishbone diagrams); the Model for Improvement; sustainability and dissemination techniques.

Each Trainer works with Pediatric Champions at each of the Affiliate Sites to develop and implement QI plans targeting key gaps in pediatric readiness. The collaborative focuses on the following topics (Intervention Bundles): 1) A patient safety initiative focused on collecting and documenting pediatric patients’ weight in kilograms; 2) Developing a notification process for abnormal vital signs; 3) Ensuring inter-facility transfer guidelines are patient and family centered; 4) Establishing disaster plans that include children. Each intervention bundle forms the basis for local and regional quality improvement efforts as part of the collaborative activities.

Our Aim: By April 2020, teams will collectively improve their pediatric readiness scores by 10 points

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Welcome! We understand that it may feel overwhelming to pick up where another has left off. The following pages contain resources to help get new participants up to speed. Click here to access our Getting Started Checklist and more.

Intervention Bundles

Bundle 1: Weight in Kilograms

Deep Dive: July 17, 2018

Aim Statement:

By April 2020, at least 85% of pediatric patients will have their weight measured and recorded exclusively in kilograms.

Intervention Bundle Guide

Deep Dive: July 17, 2018 PowerPoint Presentation

Bundle 2: Abnormal Vital Signs

Abnormal Vital Signs Deep Dive (June 26, 2018)

Aim Statement:

By April 2020, 100% of pediatric patients with abnormal vital signs will be identified by healthcare providers in the emergency department.

Intervention Bundle Guide

Deep Dive PowerPoint Presentation: 6.26.18

Bundle 3: Inter-Facility Transfer

Inter-Facility Transfer Deep Dive (July 10, 2018)

Aim Statement:

By April 2020, 100% of sites implementing the Inter-facility Transfer bundle will have a comprehensive plan that address 9 pediatric-specific components.

Intervention Bundle Guide

Deep Dive PowerPoint Presentation: July 10, 2018

Bundle 4: Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness Deep Dive Part 1 (June 6, 2018)

Aim Statement:

By April 2020, 100% of sites implementing the disaster bundle will have a plan that address four essential domains of pediatric disaster preparedness.

Intervention Bundle Guide

Deep Dive PowerPoint Slides Part 1: June 6. 2018