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Issue #79 | Jan. 31, 2023

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Pediatric readiness in EDs improves short- and long-term survival
EMS for Children Survey in full swing
New prehospital pediatric surge data report
State successes: How Arkansas EMSC uses collaboration, technology to share prehospital education
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Pediatric Readiness Quality Collaborative ramps up
Sonia Rita-4
Patient and Family Perspectives: Sonia Rita

Featured resource: February is American Heart Month, it is a great time to review your CPR training and reduce disparities for cardiac arrests. This has also been brought into the spotlight recently with Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest on national television earlier this month. The American Heart Association has pediatric training options and Hands-Only CPR training and resources available.

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Five stories worth reading and one worth watching this month:

  1. Why Saving Kids is Bad Business in America - New York Times, Jan. 4 - cites EMSC pediatric readiness statistic
  2. Consumption of Marijuana Edibles Surges Among Children, Study Finds - New York Times, Jan. 4
  3. Cheyenne Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department Recognized as Pediatric Receiving Facility - Wyoming News Now, Jan. 19 - covers EMSC Wyoming facility recognition program
  4. High pediatric readiness among EDs reduces mortality rates - Contemporary Pediatrics, Jan. 23 - covers EMSC Targeted Issues Grant study
  5. Declare Pediatric Health Emergencies Like Lives Depend On It - Health Affairs, Jan. 24

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