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Issue #74 | Aug. 31, 2022

diaster preparenedness month pediatric web sized
National Preparedness Month: Ensuring children are part of the equation
PEAK: Agitation resource now available!
New data on the power of ED facility recognition programs
WPEMR collage v3
PECARN’s WPEMR node advances mentorship, data linkages, enrollment
Kim Mears - FAN
Patient and family perspectives: Kim Mears
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Featured resource:

In honor of National Preparedness Month, be sure to check out the recently updated “Checklist of Essential Pediatric Domains and Considerations for Every Hospital’s Disaster Preparedness Policies.” The checklist is available for use. It is also currently being pilot-tested and feedback from that process will be released  this winter.

New resources round-up:

Policy statements

Condition-specific resources

Disaster resources

EMSC grantee resources

Other resources

Upcoming events:

The SAEM23 (Society for Academic Emergency Medicine) Program Committee is particularly seeking pediatric emergency medicine didactic submissions. The submission deadline is Oct 1. Learn more.

EMSC in the headlines:

Lincoln County Dispatcher Receives Stork Award - The Lincoln County News, Aug. 18 (Maine EMSC State Partnership)

Five headlines worth reading this month:

  1. Americans deserve better than ‘destination hallway’ in emergency departments and hospital wards - Stat News, Aug. 1
  2. Pain in Children is Often Ignored. For Children of Color, It’s Even Worse. - New York Times, Aug. 16
  3. For Kids With Kidney Disease, Pediatric Expertise Is Key — But Not Always Close By - Kaiser Health News, Aug. 19
  4. Children’s Risk of Suicide Increases on School Days - Scientific American, Aug. 22
  5. Tackling the mental-health crisis in young people - Nature, Aug. 24

Funding opportunities:

State Partnerships Notice of Funding Opportunity - Nov. 7 deadline

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