Grant Writing Resources

Curated resources to help you write and complete a grant application

We have compiled resources to help you navigate the various moving parts of compiling a successful grant application.

Check back frequently, as we will be adding additional resources!

Meeting Brainstorm

Included on this page:

  • Recorded presentation and PPT from EDC's Grant Writing Resources TechTalk
  • Example grant sections
  • Resources for writing SMART(IE) goals
  • Other grant-related resources
  • Materials from a 2017 NEDARC grant writing workshop

For additional guidance on the EMSC State Partnership grant visit Information includes:

  • NOFO
  • FAQ
  • Technical assistance webinar

Last updated: September 15, 2022

Recording & PowerPoint presentation from the August 25, 2022 TechTalk.

Resources to help you write SMARTIE goals.

Specific | Measurable | Achievable Realistic | Time-bound | Inclusive | Equitable

These materials are from an EMSC Data Center (previously NEDARC) grant writing online training series.

Using EMSC specific examples, four universal grant writing topics are covered:

Funding Sources & Requirements

Identifying funding sources and becoming familiar with the grant requirements.

Getting Ready to Write your Proposal

Steps and tips for getting ready to write your grant proposal.

Diving into the Project Narrative

Understanding the project narrative section.

The Budget and Putting it all Together

Final pieces - the budget and putting your grant application together for submission.

Specialized tools to assist in the process of grant writing, to include worksheets, templates, and timelines to help grant writing teams stay on track.

Recorded Tips from EMSC Program Managers

The Process & Federal Guidance

Timelines & Checklists

Team & Proposal Development