Prevent Problems that Impact Your Workload: Collaborate & Combat the Flu

Fight Flu

Collaborations among child health professionals and stakeholders are critical to protect children. As influenza (flu) activity continues to rise, we can all get vaccinated to protect others, support influenza vaccination clinics and hospital overflow facilities, and describe community strategies to combat the flu. We know that even healthy children die from flu complications, and with family and friends gathering for the holidays, now is an ideal time to make sure that everyone is vaccinated for seasonal flu. December 1–7, 2019, is National Influenza Vaccination Week, an effort put into place because flu vaccination rates tend to wane after November. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention resources are available to promote ongoing flu vaccine efforts during December and beyond. The AAP policy statement “Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Influenza in Children, 2019–2020” offers current recommendations for the prevention and treatment of flu in children, while the AAP “What’s the Latest with the Flu” messaging series provides updates throughout the flu season. For more information, contact the AAP staff at

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