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Each year, National EMS Week recognizes and thanks EMS clinicians for their life-saving work on the frontlines of our health care system.

Special theme days of EMS Week help to structure the week’s activities. Wednesday is set aside for EMS for Children, or "EMSC" Day. EMSC Day is an annual opportunity to thank EMS clinicians for their dedication to meeting children's unique health needs and to spotlight the work of the federal EMSC Program, now in its 40th year.

Prehospital Pediatric Airway Management: The Past, Present, and Future

Watch the 2024 EMSC Day Webinar on historical milestones, current practices, and future advancements shaping pediatric airway management in EMS.

On a stormy night in Iowa, 2-year-old Arlette’s mild respiratory illness became a life-threatening situation.

Fortunately, two local EMS agencies had prepared to ensure they had the right protocols, equipment, knowledge, and champions in place to be “pediatric ready.” In honor of National EMS Week (May 19-25) and EMS for Children Day (May 22), watch or share a video highlighting the amazing work of our nation's EMS clinicians.

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