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Each year, National EMS Week recognizes the work of EMS clinicians. Special theme days of EMS Week help to structure the week’s activities, with Wednesday set aside for EMS for Children (EMSC) Day. EMSC Day is an annual opportunity to spotlight the need for high-quality prehospital care for children and the work of the federal EMSC Program.

Thank you for participating in our 2023 celebration!

Watch the webinar and thank-you video below.

The Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator Where: Emergency Care for Kids Begins

Watch a webinar about the importance of designating pediatric champions or pediatric emergency care coordinators (PECCs) in your EMS agency or fire department that responds to medical 911 calls.

Thank-you video

Watch our thank you video honoring prehospital clinicians’ commitment to providing the unique care acutely ill and injured children need.

Learn more about EMSC Day and how you can help raise awareness about high-quality prehospital care for children next year.