EMS Week & EMSC Day

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In 1974, President Gerald Ford authorized EMS Week to celebrate EMS practitioners and the important work they do in our nation's communities. This week brings together local communities and medical personnel to honor the dedication of those who provide the day-to-day lifesaving services of medicine's frontline. It also provides us with an opportunity to bring together EMS agencies and their local communities to focus attention on illness and injury prevention and raise awareness about issues important to prehospital pediatric readiness. EMS Week falls on the 3rd full week of every May.

EMS Week is presented by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) in partnership with the National Associations of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT). Together, NAEMT and ACEP lead annual EMS Week activities. These organizations are working to ensure that the important contributions of EMS practitioners in safeguarding the health, safety and well-being of their communities are fully celebrated and recognized.


National EMS for Children Day, celebrated on the Wednesday of EMS Week, places a spotlight on the delivery of high-quality emergency medical care for children, focusing on the unique needs of critically ill or injured pediatric patients and the challenges faced by EMS professionals in meeting those needs. The EMS for Children program is working with EMS leaders nationwide to ensure that all children - no matter where they live, attend school, or travel, receive the best care possible in an emergency situation.

In order to raise awareness about the need to improve and expand specialized care for children in the prehospital and acute care settings, messaging should be focused on both parents/caregivers and EMS providers.

May 21-27, 2023

48th Annual Celebration for EMS Week

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