Celebration Resources

Included in this section are various resources that can help you plan for and celebrate EMSC Day and EMS Week. You can find additional celebration and planning ideas on both EMS Week’s and NAEMT’s websites.

EMSC Day Promotional Toolkit

This toolkit includes social media graphics, web banners, email badges, an appreciation certificate, and more.

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EMSC Day Proclamation

Includes a customizable proclamation and a sample letter to a state or city official to attract public attention by designating Wednesday as EMS for Children Day.

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EMSC Day Activities for Children

Includes downloadable activities for children to join in the EMSC Day celebrations, including coloring & activity sheets, educational content, and thank-you templates/cards.

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Pediatric Ideas for EMS Week Theme Days

This section provides pediatric-focused information to help you celebrate some EMS Week theme days.

Celebration Ideas