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Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Toolkit

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The Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Toolkit content is organized by the seven domains of prehospital pediatric readiness as outlined in the Checklist. The tools and resources align with the Joint Policy Statement and will assist prehospital emergency care providers to better understand and achieve the components of pediatric readiness in the prehospital environment. The resources in this toolkit have been curated by a comprehensive team of stakeholders and will be useful to all dedicated to delivering high-quality pediatric prehospital care.

Pediatric RSV Surge Resources

To help better equip you during this current pediatric surge and RSV crisis, experts from the EIIC and the Pediatric Pandemic Network a have compiled an in-depth document,
"Pediatric RSV Surge Resources for EMS/Prehospital".

View resource
Education and Resources
Education & Competencies for Providers

This section includes resources to assist in ongoing education, along with tools to help demonstrate competencies.

(section last updated
December 15, 2022)

EMS Equipment
Equipment & Supplies

This section includes examples equipment checklists and national recommended equipment guidelines.

(section last updated
December 22, 2021)

Patient & Medication Safety

This section includes resources to reduce medication errors and provides best practices for the safe transport of children in ambulances.

(section last updated
September 29, 2022)

Person-Centered Guidelines_Family Presence Image
Patient- & Family-Centered Care in EMS

This section includes resources to assist EMS agencies with incorporating patient- and family-centered principles into policies and procedures.

(section last updated
October 21, 2022)

Policies, Procedures, & Protocols (to include Medical Oversight)

This section includes resources created by pediatric emergency experts and provide guidance on creating and incorporating pediatric needs into policies, procedures, and protocols.

(section last updated
July 11, 2022)

Quality Improvement (QI) / Process Improvement (PI)

This section includes resources that can help you with both QI & PI processes at your EMS agency.

(section last updated
November 9, 2022)

Interactions with Systems of Care

This section includes resources to assist EMS agencies with collaborating with organizations and systems to care for pediatric patients across the continuum of care.

(section last updated
December 15, 2022)