National results

In 2021, the National Pediatric Readiness Project reassessed 5,150 EDs nationwide; 3,647 responded with 3,557 available for full analysis.


The 2021 assessment was based on the 2018 joint policy statement, “Pediatric Readiness in the Emergency Department.” The median pediatric readiness score of participating EDs in 2021 was 69.5 on a 100-point scale.

Despite notable improvements from 2013, the median score reflects ongoing gaps. The greatest survival benefits for children occur for EDs scoring in the highest quartile of pediatric readiness, ideally >87 points. (View an infographic on pediatric readiness and outcomes.)

Scores for individual EDs increased with increased pediatric patient volume. Optimizing pediatric readiness is important for EDs with low and medium pediatric patient volume, as they provide emergency care for the majority of acutely ill and injured children in the United States.