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Zen and the Art of Pediatric Readiness

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May 1, 2020

Pediatric Readiness is not just an ideal -- it's a tangible plan, a toolkit, and even better, an attitude

This 30-minute podcast from Dr. Tim Horeczko's Pediatric Emergency Medicine Playbook provides an excellent overview of what Pediatric Readiness truly means and what ED personnel can do at an organizational and personal level to increase readiness.

Click here to listen: https://pemplaybook.libsyn.com/zen-and-the-art-of-pediatric-readiness

To prepare and spread the word about the National Pediatric Readiness Project, you can download the 2021 NPRP Response Rate plan and Marketing Package below. This is intended to give EMSC Program Managers resources and tools to help them prepare and promote the NPRP Assessment.

Pediatric Readiness Infographic

(click here to download as a PDF)

ENA Infographic PedsReady 2020