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The National Pediatric Readiness Project or NPRP is an initiative to empower all emergency departments (EDs) to provide effective emergency care to children. The project is led by the federally funded Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Program in partnership with:

Nearly all of the EMSC Program’s arms play a role in the NPRP.

  • EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center: coordinates with AAP, ACEP, and ENA on all project materials, particularly resources for improvement, such as the toolkit and checklist.
  • EMSC Data Center: works with EMSC State Partnership Programs to host and administer the national assessment and to maintain all assessment data.
  • EMSC State Partnership Program: provide accurate contact lists of EDs in their state or territory and facilitate and encourage the participation of those EDs in all improvement opportunities, from assessment to resources.
  • EMSC Targeted Issues Grants: may use data from the national assessment as a basis for further research and/or to identify gaps for developing and testing innovative improvement strategies.

The NPRP is guided by a Steering Committee representing stakeholders across the partner organizations, federal entities, and other key groups.

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