Module 6: Patient Tracking and Family Reunification

So far, we have focused on building a foundation for improving pediatric disaster preparedness at your hospital. This includes identifying a pediatric champion, defining his or her responsibilities as they relate to disaster preparedness and building relationships with your regional healthcare coalition and other partners in your area. For module 6, we will now build on this foundation to develop and implement an improvement process for the stepwise incorporation of pediatric needs into your hospital disaster plan.

Module 5: EGLPCDR Virtual Exercise

September 10

For module 5, all hospitals were invited to participate in Avoiding “The Darkest Winter in Modern History” Actions to Consider Now", a virtual exercise conducted by the Eastern Great Lakes Pediatric Consortium for Disaster Response. Instead of a REDCap survey for this module, participants are asked to complete the post-exercise survey.

Download the slides here

Module 4: Regional Healthcare Coalition Building

August 16 - September 8

The purpose of this module is to guide you as you explore the pediatric preparedness efforts of your regional health care coalition and establish connections with other pediatric-focused organizations in your region.

Module 4: Regional Healthcare Coalition Building

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Module 3: Tabletop Exercise

August 12 - 25

To aim of this module is to conduct a pediatric-focused tabletop exercise to test inter-departmental communication and coordination strategies.

Module 3: Tabletop Exercise

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Module 2: Hospital Drill/Exercise History

July 29 - August 11

In this module you will take an in-depth look at both your hospital disaster plan and drill/exercise history and critically evaluate both for the inclusion of pediatrics.

Module 2: Current Policies and Drill/Exercise History

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Module 1: The Pediatric Champion

July 15 -28

Module 1 will focus on developing a Pediatric Champion and/or a Disaster Champion at your hospital. Please see our first Learning Session for a detailed discussion of this role.

Module 1: The Pediatric Champion

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Environmental Scan Results

July 13, 2020

The results of the Environmental Scan can be downloaded here. We had a total of 19 responses. Out of 44 possible points, the collaborative average was 25 (58%).

A few things to remember…

  1. This is your baseline score. We fully intend for you to improve from here. 
  2. The scoring matrix was very simple. All questions are weighted equally. The score on the Environmental Scan as a method to quantify progress made in the collaborative. It is not intended to be an accurate measurement of your hospital’s disaster readiness or even a comprehensive measure of your hospital’s ability to receive and treat children in a disaster…. Part of the EIIC/EGLPCDR partnership includes a workgroup who is working to identify comprehensive metrics for pediatric disaster preparedness and develop a robust checklist and assessment tool. This tool was not ready for use in this collaborative but we hope our work here can help inform its development
  3. If you have any ideas for how we could improve this Environmental Scan or ideas for pediatric disaster preparedness metrics, we’d love to hear them.

Welcome Packet & Environmental Scan

July 7-13, 2020

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Welcome Packet

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