EMSC Child Ready - National Pediatric Readiness Project

About the National Pediatric Readiness Project

The National Pediatric Readiness Project is a national multi-phase quality improvement initiative to ensure all U.S. emergency departments have the essential guidelines and resources in place to provide effective emergency care to children. The guidelines and resources are based on the “Guidelines for Care of Children in the Emergency Department.”

As part of this initiative, the NM EMSC Child Ready will work with facilities such as yours to complete this national assessment tool (http://www.pediatricreadiness.org/about).

The assessment will ask questions in the areas of Administration and Coordination; Healthcare Provider Competencies; Quality Improvement; Policies and Procedures; Patient Safety; Support Services; and Equipment, Supplies, and Medications.

Complete Your Peds Ready Assessment

This assessment aligns with the joint policy statement “Pediatric Readiness in the Emergency Department” and will assist pediatric emergency care providers to better understand and achieve the components of pediatric readiness in their emergency department.

Here is the link for the assessment http://www.pedsready.org/ .

Upon completion, you will receive a “Pediatric Readiness Gap Analysis Report” that will give you a summary of your facility’s strengths and weaknesses as well as an overall score.

Your Peds Ready Score

The total number of points possible for the Assessment is 100 and represents the essential components needed to establish a foundation for pediatric readiness, but is in no way inclusive of all the components recommended for pediatric readiness.

Hospitals are encouraged to carefully review the Guidelines for Care of Children in the Emergency Department, which served as the basis for the assessment, to develop a comprehensive pediatric readiness program for a hospital.

You can compare your score against the State’s score and the national average.

As part of NM EMSC Child Ready, we can work with you to identify improvement areas and design a program to increase your score and develop ways to help you reach your goals for improvement.

Here is the link for the assessment http://www.pedsready.org/ .

Please let us know when the survey is completed by sending us an e-mail to HSC-ChildReady@salud.unm.edu .

Thank you for your interest in Child Ready! We are looking forward to partnering with you!