Foundations of Pediatric Preparedness Virtual Forum

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Improving Pediatric Preparedness in Your Institution


About the Forum

This forum is geared for pediatric emergency care coordinators (PECC's), EMS leadership, and ED nursing and physician leadership. The goal of the forum is to help improve pediatric preparedness in your institution. This forum includes modules on how to teach simulation using Do-It-Yourself (DIY) simulation models, how to lead critical debriefing in the prehospital and emergency department setting, and how to use structured handoffs to improve sign-outs during transitions of care. Modules include lectures, demonstration videos, virtual panel discussions, and activities that you can replicate at your institution. This forum was sponsored by the New England EMSC agencies (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT). More information about forum content can be found at the bottom of this page or by clicking here

Accessing the Forum

In order to access the forum content, you will need and account with OPENPediatrics. If you do not have an account with OPENPediatrics, it will first prompt you to sign up or you can sign up here OPENPediatrics . It's easy to register with OPENPediatrics content including accredited courses, expert lectures and demonstrations, interactive device simulators, protocols, and medical calculators!

There are credit and non-credit versions available. If you wish to complete just one portion of the forum or view a non-credit version of the forum, you may do so by pressing the appropriate non credit button below. We would recommend at least watching the introductory module before viewing any of the other modules. If you wish to obtain CE credits, please choose the appropriate credit link below. There is a $40 charge for physician and nursing credit, and you must complete the entire forum to receive credit. There is no charge for EMS credits.