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Child Ready: Engaging Communities to Prepare for Pediatric Emergencies

This website focuses on the mission of the Child-Ready Program: to reduce pediatric morbidity and mortality by partnering with communities, facilities, and health care providers to ensure that they have the resources and capabilities to provide effective, culturally-appropriate care for ill and injured children, and by developing prevention strategies with communities and tribes to design, develop, and disseminate a system of regionalized pediatric emergency care in tribal and rural areas of New Mexico and the border regions of Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Mexico.

Evaluating Systems of Pediatric Care in Remote and Frontier Alaska: Defining Next Steps for Improvement.

Julie Rabeau, RN, EMSC State Partnership Regionalization of Care (SPROC) grantee, and Matthew Hirschfeld MD, PhD, medical director, Maternal Child Health Services at Alaska Native Medical Center, discussed challenges encountered in providing emergency care to children in frontier and remote areas of Alaska. A quality improvement initiative implemented through the SPROC grant focused on evaluating the continuum of care and identifying opportunities for improving the care of severely injured children was also highlighted. In addition, innovative approaches to improving aeromedical resource availability, as well as educational opportunities were shared.

Interfacility Transfer Toolkit for the Pediatric Patient

To ensure the best possible health outcomes, critically ill and injured children should be treated at the facilities most prepared to address their needs. Often, however, children are treated at local community emergency departments where pediatric specialty services are not available – i.e. pediatric burn care. Therefore, healthcare facilities should have available written arrangements to formalize their procedures for transferring pediatric patients to specialized centers for optimal care. | Promotional Flyer

Pediatric Regionalization of Care Primer

The Pediatric Regionalization of Care Primer is intended to assist those interested in improving access to pediatric specialty care through an organized sharing of resources, especially in regions where access to pediatric medical treatment is limited due to travel distances or jurisdictional borders.

Providing Culturally Sensitive Care to Children and Families

This webinar focused on the importance of cultural sensitivity in the provision of care to American Indian children and families, the cultural difference in providing care to Native American reservation and urban children and families, as well as barriers to implementing culturally sensitive strategies.

SPROC Product List

Comprehensive list of SPROC education resources.

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