State Partnership Regionalization of Care (SPROC)

EMSC Stakeholders Research

State Partnership Regionalization of Care (SPROC) is the newest grant category funded through the federal EMSC Program. For the next several years, the EMSC IIC and the federal program will focus most of its work identifying resources and partners to help grantees implement project objectives. In addition, the EMSC IIC will host quarterly SPROC Town Hall Conference Calls and organize special sessions targeting SPROC grantees during the Annual EMSC Program Meeting.

Resource Identification and Development

The EMSC IIC works individually with SPROC grantees to identify resources and partners that will assist them in achieving their grant objectives. For one-on-one assistance, please contact us. In addition, the EMSC IIC and the federal Program develop their own resources to help grantees implement grant activities and achieve the performance measures.

EMSC SPROC Grants, 2016 Fact Sheet

Implementing regionalized healthcare systems focusing on the unique pediatric anatomical, developmental, physiological, and psychological needs of children, while integrating the complex, geographical, and cultural diversities of tribal, territorial, insular, and rural locations, provides the focal point for the EMSC SPROC Program. SPROC projects work to develop and implement regionalized systems of care that encompass the sharing of resources and improving access to pediatric healthcare services in tribal, territorial, insular, and rural areas.

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SPROC Logic Model

HRSA goals for EMSC program: strengthen health systems to support the delivery of quality health services, assure health workforce is trained to provide high quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate care, promote innovative and cost efficient approaches to improve health, and lead and collaborative with others to help communities strengthen resources that improve health for the population.

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