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Family Representation on the State EMSC Advisory Committee

EMSC State Partnership Programs are to prioritize and advance family partnership and leadership in efforts to improve EMS systems of care. For the first year of this new grant cycle, Program Managers are expected to create a four-year strategic plan by October 1, 2023 for your Family Advisory Network (FAN) representative. This plan should include:

  • Ensuring they are engaged as an indispensable and equal partner in the work by centering and integrating the patient and family perspective in EMSC Program Manager efforts.
  • Ensuring they participate in EMSC Advisory Committee meetings and other meetings as necessary.
  • Frequency and details that explain how the FAN representative will be involved in developing and/or implementing the strategic plan and the goals and objectives of the Program (e.g., contributing to educational content, reviewing fliers/handouts/websites, presenting at events or trainings).


The family and patient voice helps providers understand what outcomes families and patients desire, ensures that patient concerns and expectations are addressed, and allows patients to participate in shared-decision making with providers. Family input and feedback helps ensure that EMSC Programs provide the supports and information families need to produce positive care outcomes.

Program Goal: To increase the percentage of states that have a Family Representative on their EMSC Advisory Committee who represents the emergency needs of children in their community.

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