Wednesday, August 21

The EMSC Journey: A Retrospective 1984-2019

EMSC: How we got where we are

History of the EMSC

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Plenary: PECCLC Lessons Learned

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the nature and background of the collaborative, its purpose, and the focused aim
  • Summarize the lessons learned from the participating states of the PECCLC
  • Discuss how these are applicable to recruitment efforts in your state/territory
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NPRP Update

Provide a brief review of the state of pediatric emergency care, summarize changes in the new 2018 pediatric readiness guidelines, while sharing the 2020 plans for re-assessment, and the National Pediatric Readiness Toolkit.

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Plenary: 4495 Miles, Building the Pediatric Readiness Trail

The Pediatric Readiness Quality Collaborative or PRQC is the first EMSC quality collaborative undertaken focusing on frontline emergency department pediatric readiness. The collaborative includes hospitals from across 17 states and is inclusive of critical access, community and urban hospitals.

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Plenary: NPRP Data and Assessing Outcomes

This session will present three research projects that examined 1) the percentage of US children living within a 30-minute drive time to an ED with high pediatric readiness; 2) the association between guideline uptake and health outcomes; and 3) the association of WPRS and health outcomes.

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Breakout 1: EMS Integration with Special Medical Needs

The state of Missouri will highlight aspects of their approach to preparing EMS providers for treating CYSHCN.

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Breakout 2: Leveraging PECARN to Support the SP Program

This session will describe potential collaborations between the State Partnership and PECARN grantees to develop PECC training programs and ongoing efforts in Ohio between State Partnership and PECARN grantees to develop QI collaboratives. In addition, the presenters will brainstorm with session participants about future collaborations.

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Plenary: EMSC Annual Data Collection

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