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COVID-19 and Pediatrics Webinar

ACEP COVID-19 and Pediatrics Webinar


June 1, 2020

Our partners at the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) have shared the following webinar on COVID-19 and Pediatrics.

Please find the link to the recording of the COVID-19 and Pediatrics webinar here: http://ecme.acep.org/diweb/catalog/launch/package/4/did/431477/iid/431477. The full pdf slide deck is also available on the link under the resource tab. 

Due to the content of the discussion of the webinar and sharing of information that is rapidly evolving, ACEP has placed the webinar behind a login. They apologize from the inconvenience but during these extraordinary circumstances, ACEP is trying to make sure they share information responsibly. Anyone is able to make a login (this include non-members) and will receive access to additional previously recorded and future webinars, and all of our COVID education.

Multi-Inflammatory Syndrome in Children and COVID-19

May 19, 2020

Pediatric Infectious Disease Society Virtual Town Hall

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Coalitions and Collaboratives

PALISI Pediatric Intensive Care Influenza and Emerging Pathogens (PICFLU-EP) Network

The PALISI Pediatric Intensive Care Influenza and Emerging Pathogens (PICFLU-EP) Network will be initiating multicenter data collection to better understand the clinical care and outcomes of COVID-19 patients admitted to the PICU.  To learn more about this important study, including how you could potentially join the PICFLU-EP Network and this initiative, please contact Dr. Adrienne Randolph at adrienne.randolph@childrens.harvard.edu.