Field Triage Guidelines (ACS)



The ACS, in collaboration with partner organizations, has developed a series of resources and implementation tools for use by providers and EMS and trauma system leadership.

The following manuscripts have been published describing the evidence and process for revision of the Guidelines.


The national trauma triage protocol: how EMS perspective can inform the guideline revision

Objectives: The Field Triage Guidelines (FTG) support emergency medical service (EMS) decisions regarding the most appropriate transport destination for injured patients. While the components of the algorithm are largely evidenced-based, the stepwise approach was developed with limited input from EMS providers. FTG are only useful if they can easily be applied by the field practitioner. We sought to gather end-user input on the current guidelines from a broad group of EMS stakeholders to inform the next revision of the FTG.

Under-Triage and Over-Triage Using the Field Triage Guidelines for Injured Patients: A Systematic Review

The Field Triage Guidelines (FTG) are used across North America to identify seriously injured patients for transport to appropriate level trauma centers, with a goal of under-triaging no more than 5% and over-triaging between 25% and 35%. Objective: systematically review the literature on under-triage and over-triage rates of the FTG.