National Results

A note about comparability

The 2021 pediatric readiness national median score and 2013 pediatric readiness national median score are not directly comparable to measure progress (such as a baseline). Assessments are based on joint policy statements, which evolve as evidence and the health care landscape evolves. The 2013 assessment was based on the 2009 joint policy statement, “Guidelines for Care of Children in the ED.” The 2021 assessment was based on the 2018 joint policy statement, “Pediatric Readiness in the Emergency Department.”

While some questions were unchanged between assessment periods, others were added or modified. Therefore, comparability across assessment periods is not 1:1 except where individual questions remain the same. We recommend avoiding direct overall comparisons and/or framing scores within the context of their respective guidelines and assessments.

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The national median score

In 2013, the national median score was 69 out of 100.