Pediatric Readiness Data: An Opportunity to Improve Quality of Care In Your ED

(Session originally presented on 12/17/14.)

This program will define quality improvement, highlight key components of the quality improvement process, and discuss how to apply essential quality improvement methodologies to improve pediatric emergency care using the National Pediatric Readiness data. Specifically, Charles Macias, MD, MPH, and Kate Remick, MD, will discuss the importance of quality improvement in pediatric emergency care, a key quality improvement framework, and potential for quality improvement projects using the National Pediatric Readiness data. Evelyn Lyons, RN, MPH, will illustrate the real life application of quality improvement in pediatric emergency care.Continuing medical education (CME)/continuing education (CE) credit is not currently availalbe. 

Accredited Provider: IHS Clinical Support Center 

Technical Requirements: This course originally aired as a live webinar using the Cisco WebEx online software system. The webinar was converted to an mp4 file and uploaded to YouTube, a video-sharing website using the Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 technology to display video content.

Course Presenters

  1. Charles Macias, MD, MPH
  2. Kate Remick, MD
  3. Evelyn Lyons, RN, MPH
  4. Elizabeth Edgerton, MD, MPH

Course Objectives

  1. Define Quality Improvement and its scope and impact in pediatric emergency care.
  2. Distinguish quality assurance from quality improvement.
  3. List critical components of the quality improvement process.
  4. Illustrate via case presentation a pediatric emergency quality improvement opportunity.
  5. Identify potential quality improvement initiatives via pediatric readiness data.

Downloads Resources from Training

  1. PowerPoint slide set of training

Resources from Training

  1. CT Algorithm Decision Tool
  2. PECARN Decision Rule (JAMA)
  3. Pediatric Mild Traumatic Head Injury (PMTHI) PowerPoint slide set
  4. PMTHI Quality Improvement Resources and Monitor Tool Survey
  5. PMTHI Retrospective Head CT Scan Medical Records Review Tool