2013-2014 Assessment

A total of 4,149 EDs participated in the 2013-2014 NPRP assessment. The assessment was based on a 2009 joint policy statement. The results of the 2013-2014 assessment were published in a paper in 2015. The median weighted pediatric readiness score was 68.9.

State Results

State- and territory-specific information is available here regarding the overall 2013-14 assessment response rate and the median pediatric readiness score. Also available is a list of the National Pediatric Readiness State Team members.

Key Assessment Findings

On April 13, 2015, the first manuscript addressing key findings from the 2013-14 Peds Ready assessment was published online in JAMA Pediatrics (see “National Assessment of Pediatric Readiness of Emergency Departments"). A few important data points highlighted in the article are discussed here.

National Results

National results are available for the overall 2013-14 median Pediatric Readiness Score and median Pediatric Readiness Score for emergency departments by patient volume.

Peds Ready Manuscripts

Information and findings from the National Pediatric Readiness Project assessment of more than 4,000 U.S. emergency departments have been published in numerous journals. Click here to access the latest list of journal articles.

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Disaster Preparedness

Of the 4,146 emergency departments (ED) that participated in the 2013 National Pediatric Readiness assessment, only 47% responded that they have a disaster preparedness plan in place that addressed the unique needs of children. This is of great concern considering that children have unique, often complex physiological, psychosocial and psychological needs that differ from an adult, especially during disaster situations.

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