Why is it Important to Participate in This Project?

The majority of ill and injured children seek care at the closest emergency department (ED) in their community. It is critical that all EDs have the appropriate resources and staff to provide effective emergency care for children. Is your ED prepared?

The National Pediatric Readiness Project will provide an initial picture of the current capacity of your ED to stand ready to care for children seeking emergency care.

Facilities that participated in the 2021 national assessment will receive:

  • immediate feedback in the form of a Pediatric Readiness Score and a Gap Analysis Report. This feedback informed EDs if they have the identified essential resources in place based upon the nationally recommended guidelines to care for injured or ill children of all ages.
  • benchmarking between facility groups based on pediatric patient volume. For example, facilities that see a high volume of children per year are compared to the average score of facilities with a similar pediatric volume.
  • free access to quality improvement resources to help address identified areas of need. EDs participating in this project can use their assessment feedback and the quality improvement resources to develop individualized performance improvement plans.